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  • LED Home Lighting Make Over Video

    LED 14" ceiling light LED-JR002BRZ LED-JR002BRZ dimmable ceiling light at only 20watts, 1800 lumens

    We decided to bless a family with a LED lighting make over that not only will reduce their energy use but also looks and feels amazing increasing not only the value of the home but also their quality of life!

    In this LED make over we installed five of our LED 14" two ring bronze ceiling lights in 3000K that flush mounts to almost any junction box throughout the hallways. We also installed five Green Watt LED 6" white reflector retrofit trim in 4100K in the kitchen. Both lights are dimmable. We explain more of why we chose a 3000K in the living spaces and 4100K in the kitchen in the video.

    LED 6" white reflector trim recessed lighting G-DL6D LED 6" white reflector trim 4100K dimmable at only 15watts, 950 lumens

    Watch as we take old power hungry boring incandescent lights and easily swap them out with designer bronze LED ceiling lights that will last thousands and thousands of hours reducing the home owner's maintenance costs and energy consumption.

    You will see how an understanding and creative use of color temperature can take standard track home recessed lighting in a dimply lit kitchen from ordinary to amazing with a few simple steps!

    In the middle of the LED make over we discovered that the master bedroom closet was poorly lit with a flickering fluorescent cloud fixture. We couldn't let the home owner continue living in this monstrosity. So we swamped that out too!

    So sit back, pull up a snack or two and watch as we transform the mundane into the extraordinary and perhaps along the way you may learn something new :)

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