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  • Mega Tank Trade Show Lighting Display

    Mega Tank was very pleased with the lighting our designers suggested for their trade show display. Here is what they said . . .

    Thanks for the help with the lighting display.  The show was a total success.  We were able to highlight features of our tank better than ever before.  I appreciate your help.  I attached a few pictures of our booth and the tank lighting.

    Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi, and just about anybody else that makes construction equipment was there.  The major manufacturers showed up with multi-million dollar stage lighting displays, 20’x40’ HD screens, a room that does motion tracking for each person as they walk into the room, complete motion simulator tractors.  We are a small manufacturer in the show.  I felt the lighting helped us show the merits Mega has to offer without spending millions.

    Thanks again

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