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  • 6 Top Outdoor Landscape Lighting Questions Answered - Video

    This is one of our most comprehensive and informative outdoor lighting videos to date. We answer the top most commonly asked questions by you. We have broken this video up into 6 sections so you can quickly jump to the information you need. Simply click on the time code below and you will be taken to that part of the video.

    Products used in the video:

    Black LED Outdoor Landscape Spot Light LED Non-corrosive Spot Light
    Black LED Outdoor Landscape Path Light LED Path Light
    Black LED Outdoor Landscape 3-Tier Pagoda Light LED 3-Tier Pagoda Light
    Black LED Outdoor Landscape Flower Light LED Flower Light
    LED Bayonet Bulb LED Bayonet Bulb
    Blue Connector Popular Blue Connector
    Low Voltage Wire 16/2 Low Voltage Wire 16/2
    100watt Prosumer Transformer EPC100 100watt Prosumer Transformer
    Commercial Grade Multi-Tap Transformer Multi-Tap Transformer
    Analog Voltage Multi-Meter Analog Voltage Multi-Meter


    1️⃣ 1:06 - How to quickly remove an MR16 bulb from a hard to reach light

    2️⃣ 2:43 - How to use a voltage meter to test your transformer

    3️⃣ 7:58 - “HACK” - How to test for voltage in the field on your landscape wire without cutting

    4️⃣ 10:35 - How to attach the feed wire to your transformer and what to do with the wire ends

    5️⃣ 17:09 - What to do if NONE of your low voltage landscape lights are working

    6️⃣ 20:26 - How and when to use the 15V tap or a multi-tap transformer

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