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  • Finding the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

    Finding the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

    Lighting is a very important element of a home that can often be overlooked when designing and decorating your space. Even if you live in Florida, with an abundance of sun, having the right lights can still be critical to the look and convenience of your home. There are many different styles, designs, and types of lighting that finding the best lighting for your home can sometimes be overwhelming. That is why we asked experts in the field to share their tips about lighting your home the right way.

    Create layers of light

    The best way to illuminate your home the right way is to create Layers of Light. This includes General Lighting, Task Lighting, and Ambient Lighting. Although general lighting is your powerhouse for illuminating your home, task lighting, like pendants & sconces will give you direct lighting for applications such as chopping vegetables or applying makeup. Ambient lighting can be achieved with lamps or simply by adding dimmers to your general lighting, creating a softer glow for winding down and relaxing. –Celeste Jackson, Celeste Jackson Interiors

    Analyze your space

    Observe the surroundings of your home to understand which areas should be enhanced through focal brightness, where ambient lighting is required, and where the play of brilliance may occur. Your space should be analyzed in all directions before you begin planning your lighting. –Magda Colodetti, EOS Lighting 

    Don’t ignore under-lighting

    Under-lighting is just as vital as chandeliers or pendants in your home. Powder rooms are a great place for underlighting, whether beneath a floating vanity or under a quartzite countertop. The lighting creates a special effect in the evening that will have your guests raving. –Michelle Rohrer-Lauer, Michelle’s Interiors

    Understand lighting trends

    If you understand the latest lighting trends, your knowledge can help you narrow your choices to select a light that is on-trend and under budget. In today’s interior design, matte black, nickel and mixed metal options are the three most popular finish trends. –Lighting Connection

    Plan ahead

    Always start with a plan – a furniture plan! This will help you to determine where to position your task lighting, such as reading lamps or kitchen spotlights, and where you’ll need more general, ambient lighting. Don’t be afraid to play with the shadows either. Highlighting interesting architecture or artwork draws the eye and contrasts against the darker areas of your room. –Darklight Design

    Layering and aesthetic are key

    It is important to not only find a fixture that suits your space but also ensure you are providing the space with proper illumination for every function. As much as lighting trends and technology have changed, there is not just one fixture that can provide enough light for a multi-function space. That is why it is invaluable to consult a lighting designer when replacing your fixtures; they can help you find the perfect aesthetic, and make sure you have the right fixtures to suit the purpose and look of your home. –Charleston Lighting and Interiors 

    Be careful with recessed lighting

    Never use recessed lighting in a manner that makes your space look like an office. Recessed lighting fixtures should be placed in a manner so each one has a specific function. –Total Lighting Supply 

    Don’t Skimp on Lighting

    Lighting is the jewelry of your home. Many people forget to include it in their budget and often end up regretting it later. Lighting can either make or break the overall design of your space. Proper lighting can enhance many aspects of your home. –Lighting Design

    Light your home with LEDs

    The smartest way to light your home is with LEDs and intuitive controls. LEDs are better than ever, and when combined with lighting controls that account for daylight or times of vacancy, the combination generates huge energy savings. Gone are the days of flicking a switch, the future of lighting lies in highly-efficient LEDs that can be controlled through an app, allowing individual control over light levels, color temperature, and scheduling. –Michael Hennessy,  Wavelength LED

    Light your walls

    Whenever adding lighting to a home, it’s important to try lighting up the walls of the space your in. Instead of having dark lit walls which can make a room look small, having lamps near walls or lighting directed towards walls will make your space look much bigger and more pleasant. –Brightech 

    Don’t forget outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lights should do more than simply illuminate the path to your door, String lights are a great way to highlight a focal point and transform an otherwise unused area into an outdoor living space.  –Hometown Evolution Inc

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  • Goof Trims & Oversize Recessed Trims for Your Recessed Lighting Cans & Pot Lights

    With and without Goof RingIs your trim too small to cover the hole they cut in your ceiling? Don't worry! These products are perfect to use when your drywall is cut incorrectly, and your trim will not completely cover the area.

    Unfortunately, some inexperienced drywall contractors will make the hole in the drywall way too big and a standard recessed trim will not cover it. For this reason we offer a full assortment of trims for both the 4” and 6” recessed lighting can.

    Carefully check the measurements before choosing what you need, as we offer a variety of trims with diameters all the way up to 8”. And we have them in designer colors, and even black. We even have shower trims at 8” check our shower section to see the full list.


    With and without Goof RingNot sure if your recessed trim will work?  Please review this video so we can ensure you do not get something wrong. We have recessed goof rings available in White, Black, Satin Nickel, Chrome, Bronze, Gold and more! We have the largest selection of recessed lighting trims on the internet and our team has expert knowledge in recessed lighting. Let us help you find what you need.

    See our goof rings and oversize recessed lighting trims up to 8” at this link.

    Let us know if you need help!

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  • 4 Ways to Convert a Fluorescent Tubelight with 2 Ballasts to a LED T8 Fixture

    There are four possible reasons you have two ballasts in your T8 or T12 fluorescent tubelight fixture. See which one matches your light fixture and how our EZ double end powered LED T8 conversion kits can help.

    1) I have one wall switch and all the bulbs light up in my fixture when I turn the wall switch on. There is only one switch that turns on this fixture and there are two ballasts inside.

    You have an old style fluorescent fixture. No matter the type of bulb (either T12 or T8, the size is on the bulb) you can rewire this fixture. Please tell your electrician to review this video and instruct him that the double ended feed bulbs require Hot (black) and Neutral (white) wired on each end. Here is the wire diagram.

    2) My fixture has two switches that control it this way; One switch controls 2 bulbs and the other switch controls either 1 or 2 more bulbs. When I turn both switches on all the bulbs will be on. Both switches are in the same place on the wall.

    Your fixture must have been set up to allow you three levels of lighting, You can turn on some of the lights, the other set of lights or all the lights. Therefore your fixture has two Hot wires (Black) and one or two Neutral (White) wires going to the fixture. From your wall switches, this fixture can be rewired, but as we are not on site we can not tell you exactly. Any good electrician can get this fixture retrofitted with LED and remove the old energy sucking ballasts. A simple wire diagram is included here, give it to your electrician. In our sample diagram, one switch will control two lamps, and the other switch will control one lamp. When both switches are on, all the lamps we will be on. In some cases, your wiring on site may be slightly different.

    Convert dual ballast fluorescent T8 fixtures to LED T8 with 3 Levels lighting and a switch box diagram

    3) My fixture's tubes all come on at the same time, but I have two switches on opposing sides of the room that control the fixture, that way, no matter the door I come in, I can turn the light on or off.

    This is called "three way switching". There are a number of ways this is wired, and we cannot explore all of them here. Get your electrician on the job and in 10 minutes he will know where the hot and neutral wires are that come in the fixture and will be able to wire up your retrofit quick. As long as he knows that the bulbs are powered from each end, Hot (Black) on one and Neutral (White) on the other it will be easy. Your electrician will remove the ballasts and wire up your LED to work perfectly.

    4) My fixture has 6 bulbs in it, it requires two ballasts to make it work. When I turn on the switch all 6 bulbs come on.

    We have a video and a diagram for fixtures like this. Usually these are shop fixtures but are easy to convert. For 6 lamp fixtures we recommend that you buy the two parts you need Al-la-cart, the bulbs and the label. Then use wire nuts as shown in our video to connect the wires.

    One fixture 6 lamp double end powered wire diagram

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  • We Answer the Top Recessed Lighting Questions

    We Answer the Top Recessed Lighting QuestionsRecessed lighting outdatedHere at Total Lighting Supply, we are excited about recessed lighting! With over 3,000 trim and LED recessed lighting options, we can get you what you need. We consistently receive questions about recessed lighting projects and how to upgrade trims in existing housings. Here are some of the common questions, and simple answers, that will help you with each phase of your project. We can not wait to work with you :)

    1) Is Recessed Lighting Outdated?

    Recessed lighting is anything but outdated. With all kinds of new LED technology, increased color rendering, increased energy efficiencies, better light distribution, and designer trim colors to add to the overall ambiance of the space, you cannot go wrong. Your project needs fixtures that will offer you trouble-free, maintenance-free performance even if technology changes. Many of our product types have been in operation for over 50 years and all they took was a little upgrading. We have a wide range of products and we would be happy to help you find exactly what you need for your project.


    what are recessed lighting housings2) Do You Need Cans for LED Recessed Lights?

    In most cases you do. The recess light is generally comprised of the housing (or can), which is the primary structure that holds the recessed lighting parts, and is hidden in the ceiling, as well as an LED module or trim. Keep in mind that recessed lights, downlights, or can lights, need to meet the National Electric Code (NEC).




    3) What Size of Recessed Lighting Should I Use?

    4" vs 6" Recessed Lighting4” and 6” are the most common. We have a blog that explains when and where to use these. However, we offer a wide range of sizes, from 2",3”, 4", 5” and 6”, with an abundance of options depending on the project design needs. We even offer fire rated housings for projects that require it, like multi-family projects (see #7 below).

    4) What Are My Canned Lighting Trim Options?

    There are so many to chose from! From the antique look, halogen and fluorescent, to the new LED recessed lighting modules. With thousands of options, we can get your project going right away. For a small fee, you can also spend time with our recessed lighting adviser - our in-house expert that will help you save time and money by finding you exactly what you need to start your project off right, and avoid shipping something that won't work. Money well spent.Recessed lighting options

    5) What is the Best Type of Recessed Lighting?

    The best type of recessed lighting is the one that will do the job for you. What do you expect from your lighting? Is it just decorative? It is a work area like a kitchen? Is it a design element that compliments the ceiling and architecture? How bright do you want it? What about color rendering? Is it for a restaurant, fast food, or retail store?  When you visit stores, homes or other places similar to your space, take note of how they look. What did they do right and what did they do wrong? The more information you can gather, the better the results.

    6) What is the Difference Between Can Lights, Pot Lights and Recessed Lights?

    There are many different terms for these lights, but there is no difference at all. Sometimes these lights will be referred to differently by region. For example, in Canada, the are commonly referred to as "pot lights." In other places you might hear "recessed ceiling lights" or "downlights."

    7) What are Fire Rated Recessed Lights?

    Fire rated recessed lightingThese are special housings that have certifications for garages, multi-family dwellings, and more. Your electrician and building inspector will know if you need fire righted lights and you should contact us before you order them. It has to be done right the first time, or you will have to pay to tear them all out.

    Good planning makes great results. We can help you find the correct product to meet your needs, and our products meet, or greatly exceed, standards anywhere in the USA. From California to Washington, and all the way to New York, we have all of the certifications and meet all state, city, designer and architects' requirements.

    8) Who are We?

    We just do lighting, and offer a unique, small website, run by a family that is dedicated to recessed lighting. Let us work with you to get your project shipped on time and in budget. Lets do the best we can to get it right the first time.

    We always recommend starting at this page to get things on the right track right away.!

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