Multifaceted Reflector Lamps or what we all call MR bulbs common codes

We get a lot of questions on what those strange three letter words mean that always seem to be designated to MR 16 light bulbs. You have seen 'em. They go something like this: EXN, BAB, FMW . . .

So we decided to write-up a brief explanation to demystify these strange words and show you how they relate to Multifaceted Reflector lamps or MR 16 light bulbs. Those three letter words are ANSI codes assigned to the MR 16 used to designate what type of beam spread and wattage of a particular MR 16 lamp.

Below we have listed many of the popular MR16 lamps including the wattage and beam angle characteristics.

BAB - 20 watt, 36 degree, 12 volt
ESX - 20 watt, 10 degree, 12 volt
EXN - 50 watt, 36 degree, 12 volt
EXT - 50 watt, 15 degree, 12 volt
EXZ - 50 watt, 24 degree, 12 volt
FMW - 35 watt, 36 degree, 12 volt
FMY - 35 watt, 24 degree, 12 volt
FNV - 50 watt, 60 degree, 12 volt

As you can see the ANSI codes are simply just codes to help standardize the MR 16 light bulbs so that when you go to purchase this type of light source you will have a pretty good idea on what you will be getting.

We here at Total Lighting Supply are on a mission to demystify lighting aspects one bulb, one fixture at a time.

Want to be demystified even more? Go to our You Tube Channel and check out the informational videos that we've made for you.

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