Thanks for the fast reply. The video was “spot-on” . . . Again, thanks for helping.

James W.

I can't imagine what kind of great customer service you offer! As I don't need that much lighting, I told my friend who is an electrician - just because I am stunned by your service - positively stunned.

Beate B.

Thank you for your quick replacement of the damaged fixture. I truly appreciate the quality of customer service that you provided and look to purchase from Total Lighting in the future.

Angelo L.

Thank you very much for your help and for answering my questions.


I received the replacement globe thanks so much for your great service.

Deb F.

fantastic..... ok I got ity all now.... excellent help !!!!!!.......


ok thank you very much for all your help, u guys are great.

I will be recommending you guys on all my sites!

Kofi S.

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