Thank you for providing a quality product that has allowed us to keep our existing fixtures and will save us a lot of time & money in the future. It feels good to no longer have fluorescent tubes to deal with. We will definitely be recommending your company to our friends & family.

Tim K.

The transformer(driver) is working! I checked the circuit breakers, they were fine. I was disappointed. But, as one last resort, I had a handy extension cord with the plug end cut off. I decided to by-pass my 120 volt wiring...though I was getting proper beeping sound showing 120 volt power from my switch. I hooked up the driver to my extension cord and plugged it into 120v receptacle and the driver worked! I do a lot of electrical wiring (I am not an electrician), but I have installed many low voltage drivers for led strips etc. Truly, I have never made a mistake that I know of. But I made a mistake here (I have not took out the switches yet to find the mistake yet) But the point is that the driver works.

AND THE GREATER POINT IS THIS: You and Bryan were kind, patient and very helpful. You believed in the quality of this driver and that made me believe in the driver which led me to do that final check. You just really believed in your driver and you were kind to me. God bless you both. I will always buy from TT and recommend you totally to others as I have opportunity. Thank you again so much!!

Dave D.

You made it easy and I didn't have to leave my desk. Again, thanks for the great service.

David K.

I took your advice. It worked! I recut the ground end also. It was a little used.

Holger G.

Frank, thank you for the help. These all fit perfectly, work perfectly and were so much easier to install than I feared.

Steve W.

I want to thank you for the care in which you wrapped my item. As well as having this item available. I wish you continued success in your business.

Karole V.

Thanks to all for the assistance in replacing the defective transformer. After replacing the burned wiring, it works perfectly. Thanks again.

Scott D.

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