You've been very helpful - several times - with this purchase. Good service is a wonderful thing when you're on the receiving end of it, so thanks again.

Grady K.

Seriously, the kitchen is ablaze with light now, and I think my wife will love it! She likes lots of light. Thanks again for your help.

Paul C.

Wanted to just let you know how happy I was with your LED T8's ! I fitted them exactly as per the Video , and it worked great!

They're very bright too.

Extremely happy with your quick delivery too. Will certainly buy again & recommend your company to all.

Rommel C.

Thanks Scott. We were able to meet our deadline thanks to you guys getting everything to me quickly. I have past your name and number to my design partner and told him to give you guys a shout next time he needs lighting. Thanks again for the help.

Todd A.

You folks rock. I just got my LED T8 4ft 18 watt lamps. which you folks recommended as a substitute for want I ordered. retro fitted one of my shop lights. totally awesome. the brightness is awesome. its simple to do. more on order. thanks

Brian W.

Thank you, I appreciate all the help I was given by the on line chat, it helped me make an informed decision to meet my needs.


We purchased the system from TotalTrackLighting.com, partially because of the company’s great customer service. Aaron submitted our room layout, and the company created a design and a shopping cart filled with everything we needed.

A Fire Pole in the Dining Room
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