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  • Griplock Track Lighting Power Feed Strain Relief Overview

    Griplock Power Feed Strain ReliefGriplock is one of the most flexible, easy to install track lighting suspension systems on the market. At first it may seem daunting or confusing but once you get an understanding on how it works for suspending track lighting the possibilities of its use become limitless.

    Gain a little more knowledge in the workings of Griplock in track lighting suspension with our helpful power feed strain relief overview video below. Our seasoned Griplock track lighting designer has years of experience; watch as he briefly explains how the strain relief plays a critical role in securing your power supply cable!


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  • What the HECK is Griplock??

    If you have a project that involves unusually sloped, curved or high ceilings, our Grip Lock system may be the solution for you. It is affordable, flexible and easy to install. To find out more about this innovative system, check out our video on it.

    How It Works

    Griplock® Grippers are sophisticated in design but simple to use:

    • Insert the cable into the plunger and slide the gripper to the desired position. Where it stops it locks®
    • To re-adjust, simply depress the plunger with your fingertip and move the gripper to a new position. Release the plunger to lock.

    The 3- or 6-ball gripping mechanism is spring-loaded and allows the gripper to move freely up the cable. It cannot move down unless the plunger is depressed.

    While there is any weight at all on the gripper, the plunger cannot be depressed. An optional “safety nut” or “safety cap” can be added to completely lock the mechanism in both directions. The greater the weight, the stronger it grips.

    Glider Internals

    Materials & Finishes

    Griplock® Grippers are made of nickel-plated brass with a few exceptions. Internal mechanisms are comprised of brass and stainless steel. Type-50 and Type-80 Grippers are also available in a black zinc finish. The Retail Display Grippers are finished in satin-chrome. Other finishes are available upon request. Griplock® Keyrings are made of anodized aluminum and come in several colors.

    Materials & Finishes

    Thread Sizes

    Most Griplock® and Industrial/ZF Grippers have either internal or external threads to attach them to the object being suspended. The following chart contains thread and KO (Knock-Out) size information that may be useful, particularly to those in the lighting industry.

    Thread size chart

    About Aircraft Cable

    Aircraft Cables, also known as wire ropes, have diameters ranging from 1/32” to 1/4” and are composed of six steel strands wound around a seventh steel stranded core.

    This stranded steel core adds strength and crush-resistance to the cable. Aircraft cable is classified by the number of strands in the cable multiplied by the number of wires in each strand. For example, the notation 7x7 indicates that the cable has seven strands made up of seven wires in each strand. Similarly, the notation 7x19 indicates that the cable has seven strands made up of nineteen wires in each strand. The greater the number of wires, the greater the flexibly of the cable. Griplock® Cables are 7x7 or 7x19 galvanized or stainless steel (304 or 316) medium-to-high tensile strength aircraft cable.

    NOTE: Aircraft cable was developed, and is still used today, to provide a direct mechanical link between an aircraft’s controls and its crucial and hard-to-reach control functions.

    Cable Spool, 7 x 7 Cable, and Cable Terminals

    Galvanized & Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable

    Galvanized Aircraft Cable (also known as GAC) is composed of wires that, prior to stranding, have been zinc-plated to prevent corrosion. These cables are an effective and economical alternative to stainless steel in mild environments. Griplock®’s standard stainless steel cable is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel. 316 Stainless Steel is also available to add extra corrosion resistance, but it has lower break strength than 304 Stainless Steel cable. Both 304 Stainless Steel and Galvanized Aircraft Cable have approximately the same break strengths.

    Cable Sleeves & Terminals

    Sleeves and terminals (also known as stop-sleeves, stops, crimps and swages) are molded or crimped to the end of a cable, allowing the cable to be captured by a cable coupler or other non-mechanical holder which attaches the cable to a structure or fixture.

    Zinc Die-Cast (ZDC) Terminals are molded to a cable end that has been “bird-caged”, allowing the molten zinc to adhere to each individual wire. This technology has proven itself in the automotive and aviation industries. Griplock® Systems offers a comprehensive range of ZDC terminals.

    Swaged Terminals can be made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    Both types of Griplock® terminal are guaranteed to hold the full published break weight of the cable. U.S. Wire Rope Specifications

    NOTE: Griplock® Systems does not recommend field-installing swaged terminals onto cable. Griplock® Systems waives any liability for accidents resulting from field- or non-factory-installed swages and terminals.

    Griplock® vs. Griplock® Industrials/Cablefast

    Griplock® Grippers are designed and engineered by Griplock®. Produced by technically sophisticated manufacturers under Griplock®’s stringent Quality Control program, the shells and moving parts are machined to three decimal point specifications, assuring 100% reliability of performance. In addition to its own product line, Griplock® is the exclusive distributor in North and Central America and the Caribbean for grippers manufactured by Reutlinger GmbH of Frankfurt, Germany. The Griplock® Gripper line ranges from Micro-Grippers for 1/32” cable to the new Type-120 Grippers for 1/2” cable, and encompasses over 400 different designs.

    GRIPLOCK® INDUSTRIAL/CABLEFAST® ZF GRIPPERS are born from Griplock®’s long experience in the cable suspension field. They are U.S designed and are built to Griplock®’s specifications. The product range is limited to the most commonly used grippers in the industry. They are designed and priced to compete in an increasingly budget-driven market, while giving engineers & specifiers more pounds of reliable pull-strength per dollar than any other gripper on the market. This group of grippers is designated by “ZF” at the beginning of their part numbers.

    Weight loads for ZF Grippers are lower than for Griplock® Grippers. Please refer to the Weight Load Chart specifically for ZF Grippers.

    Quality Control

    As all manufacturers and installers know, suspending objects safely over people’s heads is their first and most critical responsibility. At Griplock® Systems Safety is their number one concern. Each and every gripper is a precision-built machine. Failure is not an option.


    Note: portions of this article reprinted with permission from the nice folks at Griplock®

    Always use a liscensed electrician and be sure that your lighting project is in compliance with local building codes.

    We welcome your comments, send us your questions and we may just use that as a blog topic! And, send us your 'before' and 'after' project pictures-we'd love to see them!



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