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  • More Things About 4" Recessed Lights That You Were Afraid to Ask...

    I don't know about you, but I find the area of recessed lighting to be, well, a bit intimidating. I know our lighting designer is comfortable and knowledgeable in this area. Which is good, since all of us here at Total Recessed Lighting go to him for a lot of our questions. To help all of us out with this,  we've made a series of videos designed to help out with some of the basics in regards to 4" recessed lighting. We hope you find them useful.


    Just a quick list and links for you:

    1). Learn the many added benefits and features of our 4" line voltage recessed housings that separate us from standard 4" housings you typically find at home improvement centers and discount warehouses.

    2). Learn how to remove a 4" recessed socket plate from a 4" recessed housing.

    3).  Item list of what is needed to install a 4" recessed eyeball in standard 4" recessed housings with a fixed socket typically found at popular home improvement centers.

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