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  • LED Satin Nickel Two Ring Ceiling Surface Lights Overview & Video

    LED two ring ceiling surface lights

    Our LED two ring ceiling lights are perfect for almost any surface mount locations such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, closets, hallways, kitchens, meeting rooms or office spaces. Elegant outside, smart inside with little to no maintenance required unlike those old fluorescent or incandescent fixtures. The soft but strong diffuser helps keep it from breaking while the all metal sturdy base allows for quick and easy installation.

    Available in two beautiful finishes: bronze or satin nickel, our LED ceiling lights bring bright diffused light in either a 3000K warm white or a 4000K cool white dimmable LED package.

    Need to bring light to a utility room? Your master bathroom too dark? How about that walk in closet? With four sizes to choose from: 10", 14", 17" or an oval 32", we have the size to fit virtually any room or office you need to illuminate.

    Concerned about energy use? Not to worry, our LED surface lights offer great energy savings and amazing light output. Just see the watts versus lumens list below.

    • 10" at 14watts produces 1200 lumens
    • 14" at 20watts produces 1800 lumens
    • 17" at 35watts produces 2900 lumens
    • 32" oval at 70watts produces 5800 lumens

    Watch our LED two ring ceiling surface light videos!

    Our LED ceiling surface lights are affordable, quality made and are available in the size, finish and light output you need. Come check out our growing selection of LED surface lights today!

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  • LED Under Cabinet Lighting Overview & Installation Tips Video

    LED Under Cabinet LightsWe thought you would like to know more about our new LED under cabinet lighting fixtures so we made a overview video showing the many features of our new addition. We reveal to you what comes in the box, available finishes, different lengths as well as helpful tips on how best to install the LED light for common applications plus much much more!

    Sit back and discover the simplicity of Total LED under cabinet lighting!

    Our LED Under Cabinet Lights

    • Rated at 40,000 hours
      • Warm white light at 3000K
    • High / Low Rocker switch for high low light setting
    • Five lengths at five wattages:
      • 12" at 5watts
      • 21" at 7watts
      • 24" at 9watts
      • 33" at 13watts
      • 42" at 16watts
    • Three finishes available: Bronze, Satin Nickel and White
    • 1" low profile with slim steel body
    • Frosted glass lens for pleasing soft light
    • Link up to 10 units
    • No additional transformer or driver is required!
    • Common household 120volt input
    • Two installation options: Portable plug-in or hard wire option
      • Portable plug-in option includes 6ft. power cord for standard electrical wall outlet use
      • Hard wire option can be directly connected by knockouts with included 1/4" Romex connector and grounding screw and wire
    • ETL listed

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  • Just added Premium LED Under Cabinet Lights

    led-under-cabinet-lighting-blogWe have been looking for the best LED under cabinet lights for quite some time now. We have been testing and reviewing many LED under cabinet lights for time and a half. We believe we have found the best at the best price!

    Made of quality steel, frosted glass and with a superb balance of options, Total Lighting Supply and Total Recessed Lighting are proud to announce the best marriage of quality, price and performance in LED Under Cabinet lights.

    Available in Bronze, Nickel and White, the 3000K color temperature LED under cabinet fixtures provide quality components including a high / low rocker switch capable of two levels of brightness bringing the perfect level of light to your space when you need it. Rated at 40,000 hours, the LED light is sure to provide hours of energy saving bright light without all the negative and toxic aspects of fluorescent lighting.

    We offer these beautiful under cabinet lights in five convenient lengths at five different wattages: 12" at 5watts, 21" at 7watts, 24" at 9watts, 33" at 13watts and 42" at 16watts. With a large selection of lengths these cabinet lights are sure to fit nicely in your space be it under cabinets in your kitchen or utility room, shelves in your garage, a tight work space, in a retail location for product display or on the go in trade show lighting.

    Discover how easy it is to install these lights in either a portable plug-in option with the included 6ft. power cord for standard electrical wall outlet use or a hardwire option via the integrated knockouts and included 1/4" Romex connector. Both options are included with each under cabinet light allowing you the freedom to choose how you would like to install your new LED light!

    Interested? For more information please visit our Total Recessed Lighting LED Under Cabinet Lighting section for dimensions, applications and detailed specifications.

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  • New Video Griplock Components Explained

    We just released our latest video on Griplock components. In this video we explain the core parts of the Griplock system and how each are used. If you want to learn more about the Griplock Track Lighting Suspension System then this video is a must to watch!

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  • LED Christmas Lights various styles and colors

    LED Christmas LightsWe have recently added LED Christmas lights to our vast lighting offering. Available in a variety of bulb sizes, bulb styles, bulb colors and wire colors, our premium quality vibrant LED Christmas lights are sure to brighten up your holiday season while reducing your energy use!

    You can rest assure that our indoor and outdoor UL approved LED Christmas lights are safe for decorating your home, yard, business and creative project!

    Come stop by today, beat the Christmas rush and get a jump start on your seasonal project with our affordable, quality LED holiday lighting at factory direct prices!

    Hurry, stock is limited!

    Check out the many styles and colors we offer:

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  • Just added 3" GU10 MR16 Recessed Housings & Trims

    3 inch gu10 MR16 recessed lightingWe have just added 3" Gu10 Recessed housings that work perfectly with all our 3" MR16 Gu10 compatible trims. No need to scour the web for Gu10 MR16 3" recessed lighting trims we have put them all in one easy to find place. Choose from 3" baffle trims, 3" chrome trims and 3" adjustable trims like eyeball and gimbal trims. We have also made it easier to find MR16 Gu10 light bulbs by grouping them in their own category under the Gu10 3" recessed lighting category!

    The simplicity of using Gu10 lighting technology is that it provides the flexibility you need in todays ever changing lighting world. Our 3" Gu10 recessed cans don't use a low voltage transformer but rather tap right into the same voltage wired to the housings junction box. So if your input voltage is 120volts the output voltage will be 120volts. Simple as that. No need to waste your time looking at transformer compatibility charts to make sure the light bulb you want to use will work with your recessed light. All you need is a Gu10 base MR16 light bulb that uses the same voltage going into your housing. Now that's easy!

    Our 3" MR16 Gu10 recessed trims and housings will provide you the freedom to choose! If you want to use Halogen technology you can easily use a halogen Gu10 MR16 light bulb. If you want to take advantage of energy saving technologies such as LED you can quickly update your recessed light with the latest LED Gu10 MR16 light bulb. Just remove the bulb and replace. It's that simple!

    Changing the light bulb over a complete trim our recessed light is much more environmentally friendly on so many levels! Get peace of mind knowing your recessed lighting is ready for the next big thing that's coming!

    Find 3" Gu10 MR16 recessed lighting here!

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  • Sylvania Ultra RT6 Gimbal LED Trim Overview & Install Video

    Sylvania Ultra RT6 Gimbal LED TrimSylvania Ultra RT6 Gimbal LED Trim

    is a beautiful white recessed lighting trim that only uses 13 watts at 900 lumens, dimmable down to 10%, Title 24 compliant, Energy Star Rated and fits almost any 6" recessed housing including LED specific 6" recessed cans. Available in 2700K and 3000K options, the RT6 gimbal trim is rated at 50,000 hours, is fully and easily adjustable providing bright evenly diffused flood light to virtually any area the trim is installed.

    The LED gimbal ring trim is designed to fit most 6" recessed lighting housings including insulated ceiling (IC) housings, airtight housings and non-IC housings. Fully adjustable with a friction blade design to an almost 360° horizontal rotation and 30° tilt, the Ultra RT6 Gimbal makes it easy to direct the light where you want it.

    The optical design and light output is phenomenal! With low glare, the gimbal ring trim's LED light is evenly diffused with a 80° beam angle that spreads it out beautifully. The color rendering is also worth noting. At 82+ CRI the colors in your space will look and feel the way you would expect.

    Installation is a snap! All you need is a philips head screw driver, a tape measure and a ladder. Sylvania made it super simple to adjust the LED trim with it's well thought out design. Check out our installation guide video below to see how this is done!

    Suitable for both indoor or outdoor dry, damp or wet locations, the Gimbal ULtra RT6 trim will help you reduce energy by up to 87% over incandescent lights. Looking to dim the RT6 trim? Please see the spec sheets on the product pages below as it will direct you to the information you need.

    Watch our videos below on the Sylvania Ultra RT6 Gimbal LED Trim and discover it's simple elegant design and see it's gorgeous LED light. Learn the many features and see how easy it is to install in your recessed lighting!

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  • Griplock Track Lighting Power Feed Strain Relief Overview

    Griplock Power Feed Strain ReliefGriplock is one of the most flexible, easy to install track lighting suspension systems on the market. At first it may seem daunting or confusing but once you get an understanding on how it works for suspending track lighting the possibilities of its use become limitless.

    Gain a little more knowledge in the workings of Griplock in track lighting suspension with our helpful power feed strain relief overview video below. Our seasoned Griplock track lighting designer has years of experience; watch as he briefly explains how the strain relief plays a critical role in securing your power supply cable!


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  • Convert standard 4" & 6" Recessed Lighting to LED MR16 GU10 bulbs

    In our quick overview and installation video guide you will discover how easy it is to convert standard Edison socket 4" & 6" recessed lighting housings with our GU10 Edison socket adapter.

    Now you can utilize the energy saving power of LED technology with LED MR16 GU10 light bulbs. Utilize our GU10 socket adapter and compatible 4" and 6" MR16 recessed lighting trims for both 4-inch and 6-inch recessed lighting cans and quickly harness the benefits of LED! Watch how easy it truly is :)

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  • Sylvania Ultra LED Disc Light for Recessed & Surface Lighting

    Sylvania Ultra LED Disc LightSylvania Ultra LED Disc Light is a perfect solution for either recessed lighting or ceiling lighting junction box applications for bringing energy saving LED lighting to virtually any recessed light or light connected to a compatible junction box. See our video below or click here for more details. Discover the benefits of LED and see how simple it is to install the LED Disc Light in both a recessed lighting can or a junction box in your ceiling with our video guide helping you make the transition to LED lighting as easy as possible.

    Currently available in two lumen options of 700 lumen or 900 lumen, the Sylvania Ultra LED Disc light is ideal for use in kitchens, bath rooms, closets, hall ways and in many areas where older incandescent recessed lighting or ceiling lighting is currently being used. The Sylvania LED disc light offers the light you need with the flexibility you want.

    Looking to spice up your lighting with more then just LED light? No problem! Add a bit of designer flare with the optional decorative trim rings available in three different finishes: Bronze, Satin and Black. Watch our video below on how these are installed below or by clicking here.






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