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  • How to make a Track Lighting layout for any space - Video 2

    In this second video of a multi-part series, see how easy it is to make a track lighting layout for almost any space. We here at Total Track Lighting can then quickly take that layout and help you build the perfect track lighting system with all the track lighting components needed.

    After you have watched the video, laid out your track lighting and either scanned or used your mobile device to take a picture of it the next step is to go over to our 7 fast and easy steps to complete a track lighting system page and submit it to us!

    7 Fast & Easy Steps to a complete track lighting system

    Build your own track lighting kit here

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  • Two simple steps to designing a track lighting system

    How to design track lightingHow to design track lighting - Two simple steps!

    Follow our two steps below on how to design track lighting and help reduce confusion and frustration involved in the process. Plus, the more information you provide the faster our professional designers can prepare for you all the necessary track lighting components, light bulbs and an optimal track lighting layout. Give it a try today!

    1. Fill out our fast, easy and free form here
    2. Submit the form to our professional designers for free

    Step 1 takes you to our online form asking you basic questions about what you envision for the design of your track lighting system. It is the first step in designing a track lighting system and allows our designers to quickly follow up with you about any questions they may have.

    Step 2 is probably the most simplest of all steps. Once you have all the information you can possibly think of for the design of your new track lighting system you simply click the submit button and our professional designers are notified. Please be patient during this time as this is a free service that can take up to 5 business days.

    Your information is then assigned to one of our track lighting designers who will be in contact with you and provide you a complete list of track lighting components and quantities such as the power track, track lighting fixture heads, power feeds, track connectors and light bulbs. If for any reason you have any questions along the way with designing your track lighting system, our free service doesn't stop there. Our track lighting designers are available to answer your questions to help insure a successful track lighting system you can enjoy long into the future.

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  • An LED Architectural White Track Lighting installation with product list

    library-1We would like to report that we have another happy customer who has successfully installed his very own "L" shape LED architectural white track lighting system.

    This 20-foot, eight fixture installation can be seen here in his library and according to our customer, he completed the installation "in about four hours - taking my time."

    Good product. Great look. Super folks to deal with. Not difficult - so: "Just do it!" - Happy Customer
    kitchen-sink It was so easy he installed another LED architectural white track lighting system in his kitchen over the sink.

    We have conveniently included links to the products used in this LED track lighting installation as follows:

    • LED-TLSK227-AWH - LED architectural white round back track light fixture head warm white
    • TLSK103-AWH - Architectural White floating power feed
    • TLSK108-AWH - Architectural white L Connector 3-wire H-style power feed
    • TLSK4-AWH - 4' architectural white power track
    • TLSK107-AWH - Architectural white straight connector mini joiner

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  • Beautiful Satin Track Lighting with Rectangle Layout - Includes Project Product List!

    living-room-satin-squareRecently, a customer of ours installed our satin track lighting system in their living space and we wanted to share the results with you!

    In the image below, you can see they utilized a continuous rectangle layout to both match the aesthetics of the space while meeting the flexibility of their their lighting requirements.

    The TLSK272-SN light fixture chosen for this project combined with the LED 3000K Philips Par 20 light bulb brings a warm white light, creating a peaceful but well lit atmosphere perfect for a multitude of activities.

    To achieve the geometrically inspired layout elegantly spanning the ceiling, the tracking lighting system utilized a few of our premium satin track lighting components. The TLSK108-SN L-connector, seen at each corner, was used to create the 90° angles to join the 4ft TLSK4-SN and 6ft TLSK6-SN power track sides together. The TLSK107-SN straight connector mini-joiner, shown in the middle of each side of the rectangle, connected both the 4ft and 6ft power tracks together completing the sides of the rectangle.

    The electrical power was brought into the track lighting system through the TLSK108-SN L-connector that not only functions as a mechanical and electrical connection for the power track but also as a power feed to supply power to the satin track system.

    You can find a list of all the products used either to the left of this text if you are using a desktop computer or below this text when you tap the heading below.

    Also we have conveniently included links to the products used in this system as follows:


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  • Affordable LED Under Cabinet Light unboxing video

    We have finally found an affordable LED under cabinet light that is not only bright with a beautiful diffused light but has a super thin 1-1/8" profile that will fit in the most hard to light places like kitchens, garages, works shops, showcases and more!

    We made this quick unboxing video to provide you the basic details of the LED under cabinet light, like for instance, what is included in the box, how much light output and power consumption as well as installation information such as knockout quantity and location.

    Check out the LED under cabinet light video below!

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  • EMT Outdoor landscape Multi-Tap LED Lighting Transformer Overview & Tips

    The LED EMT Multi-Tap Transformers video provides a general overview of this professional grade outdoor transformer that is assembled and supported in the USA, including how to use the optional photo control and timer and the benefits of the multi-tap 12volt, 13volt, 14volt & 15volt AC output terminal blocks. Designed for simultaneous runs at varying distances, this heavy duty transformer brings flexibility in outdoor landscape LED lighting for virtually any outdoor low voltage lighting application!

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  • Buying cheap LED bulbs doesn't always pay off - Video

    Don't make the same mistake as one of our customers. He bought on price from a popular online retailer that sold him the wrong LED MR16 lamps for his low voltage track lights. Was it the retailers fault? Not necessarily but they offered little to no help. The customer simply was not educated on what to purchase. Had he purchased the light bulbs with his track lighting purchase his costly mistake could have been avoided. Please, if you are buying lighting products purchase them from a lighting company that knows the products and can answer your questions. It will save you money, time and grief!

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  • LED Home Lighting Make Over Video

    LED 14" ceiling light LED-JR002BRZ LED-JR002BRZ dimmable ceiling light at only 20watts, 1800 lumens

    We decided to bless a family with a LED lighting make over that not only will reduce their energy use but also looks and feels amazing increasing not only the value of the home but also their quality of life!

    In this LED make over we installed five of our LED 14" two ring bronze ceiling lights in 3000K that flush mounts to almost any junction box throughout the hallways. We also installed five Green Watt LED 6" white reflector retrofit trim in 4100K in the kitchen. Both lights are dimmable. We explain more of why we chose a 3000K in the living spaces and 4100K in the kitchen in the video.

    LED 6" white reflector trim recessed lighting G-DL6D LED 6" white reflector trim 4100K dimmable at only 15watts, 950 lumens

    Watch as we take old power hungry boring incandescent lights and easily swap them out with designer bronze LED ceiling lights that will last thousands and thousands of hours reducing the home owner's maintenance costs and energy consumption.

    You will see how an understanding and creative use of color temperature can take standard track home recessed lighting in a dimply lit kitchen from ordinary to amazing with a few simple steps!

    In the middle of the LED make over we discovered that the master bedroom closet was poorly lit with a flickering fluorescent cloud fixture. We couldn't let the home owner continue living in this monstrosity. So we swamped that out too!

    So sit back, pull up a snack or two and watch as we transform the mundane into the extraordinary and perhaps along the way you may learn something new :)

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  • New LED Ceiling Surface Lights

    LED ceiling surface lightsOur dimmable LED ceiling surface lights come in a variety of styles, sizes and color temperatures and are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, closets, laundry rooms, offices and much more! Made with a soft but strong diffuser, metal design components and metal base, our ceiling lights can be easily surface mounted in a multitude of locations such as ceilings and walls.

    Available in a bright 3000K warm white or 4000K cool white LED package, you will find the right light tone for your space.

    Need to bring light to a utility room? Your master bathroom too dark? Kitchen a bit dim? With a variety of sizes to choose from we have the size to fit virtually any room or office you need to illuminate.

    Concerned about energy use? Not to worry, our LED surface lights offer great energy savings and amazing light output. You can find the watts and lumens an every detail page of our ceiling LED lights to help you match the perfect light too your lighting requirements.

    • 10", 11" & 12-1/2" at 14watts produces 1200 lumens
    • 14" & 14-1/2" at 20watts produces 1800 lumens
    • 19" & 19-1/2" at 35watts produces 2900 lumens
    • 32" at 70watts produces 5800 lumens

    Watch our LED ceiling surface light videos!

    Come visit our growing list of LED ceiling surface lights and discover the LED difference!


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  • LED Cloud Ceiling Surface Lights Overview & Video

    LED cloud ceiling surface lights

    Our cloud LED ceiling lights are perfect for almost any surface mount locations such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, closets, hallways, kitchens, meeting rooms or office spaces. Elegant outside, smart inside with little to no maintenance required unlike those old fluorescent or incandescent fixtures. The soft but strong diffuser helps keep it from breaking while the all metal sturdy base allows for quick and easy installation.

    Available in three styles: mushroom cloud, cylinder cloud or square cloud, our LED ceiling lights bring bright diffused light in either a 3000K warm white or a 4000K cool white dimmable LED package.

    Need to bring light to a utility room? Your master bathroom too dark? How about that walk in closet? With six sizes to choose from: 11", 12-1/2", 14", 14-1/2", 19" and 19-1/2", we have the size to fit virtually any room or office you need to illuminate.

    Concerned about energy use? Not to worry, our LED surface lights offer great energy savings and amazing light output. Just see the watts versus lumens list below.

    • 11" & 12-1/2" at 14watts produces 1200 lumens
    • 14" & 14-1/2" at 20watts produces 1800 lumens
    • 19" & 19-1/2" at 35watts produces 2900 lumens

    Watch our cloud LED ceiling surface light videos!

    Our LED ceiling surface lights are affordable, quality made and are available in the size, finish and light output you need. Come check out our growing selection of LED surface lights today!

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