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  • 4 Ways to Convert a Fluorescent Tubelight with 2 Ballasts to a LED T8 Fixture

    There are four possible reasons you have two ballasts in your T8 or T12 fluorescent tubelight fixture. See which one matches your light fixture and how our EZ double end powered LED T8 conversion kits can help.

    1) I have one wall switch and all the bulbs light up in my fixture when I turn the wall switch on. There is only one switch that turns on this fixture and there are two ballasts inside.

    You have an old style fluorescent fixture. No matter the type of bulb (either T12 or T8, the size is on the bulb) you can rewire this fixture. Please tell your electrician to review this video and instruct him that the double ended feed bulbs require Hot (black) and Neutral (white) wired on each end. Here is the wire diagram.

    2) My fixture has two switches that control it this way; One switch controls 2 bulbs and the other switch controls either 1 or 2 more bulbs. When I turn both switches on all the bulbs will be on. Both switches are in the same place on the wall.

    Your fixture must have been set up to allow you three levels of lighting, You can turn on some of the lights, the other set of lights or all the lights. Therefore your fixture has two Hot wires (Black) and one or two Neutral (White) wires going to the fixture. From your wall switches, this fixture can be rewired, but as we are not on site we can not tell you exactly. Any good electrician can get this fixture retrofitted with LED and remove the old energy sucking ballasts. A simple wire diagram is included here, give it to your electrician. In our sample diagram, one switch will control two lamps, and the other switch will control one lamp. When both switches are on, all the lamps we will be on. In some cases, your wiring on site may be slightly different.

    Convert dual ballast fluorescent T8 fixtures to LED T8 with 3 Levels lighting and a switch box diagram

    3) My fixture's tubes all come on at the same time, but I have two switches on opposing sides of the room that control the fixture, that way, no matter the door I come in, I can turn the light on or off.

    This is called "three way switching". There are a number of ways this is wired, and we cannot explore all of them here. Get your electrician on the job and in 10 minutes he will know where the hot and neutral wires are that come in the fixture and will be able to wire up your retrofit quick. As long as he knows that the bulbs are powered from each end, Hot (Black) on one and Neutral (White) on the other it will be easy. Your electrician will remove the ballasts and wire up your LED to work perfectly.

    4) My fixture has 6 bulbs in it, it requires two ballasts to make it work. When I turn on the switch all 6 bulbs come on.

    We have a video and a diagram for fixtures like this. Usually these are shop fixtures but are easy to convert. For 6 lamp fixtures we recommend that you buy the two parts you need Al-la-cart, the bulbs and the label. Then use wire nuts as shown in our video to connect the wires.

    One fixture 6 lamp double end powered wire diagram

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  • We Answer the Top Recessed Lighting Questions

    We Answer the Top Recessed Lighting QuestionsRecessed lighting outdatedHere at Total Lighting Supply, we are excited about recessed lighting! With over 3,000 trim and LED recessed lighting options, we can get you what you need. We consistently receive questions about recessed lighting projects and how to upgrade trims in existing housings. Here are some of the common questions, and simple answers, that will help you with each phase of your project. We can not wait to work with you :)

    1) Is Recessed Lighting Outdated?

    Recessed lighting is anything but outdated. With all kinds of new LED technology, increased color rendering, increased energy efficiencies, better light distribution, and designer trim colors to add to the overall ambiance of the space, you cannot go wrong. Your project needs fixtures that will offer you trouble-free, maintenance-free performance even if technology changes. Many of our product types have been in operation for over 50 years and all they took was a little upgrading. We have a wide range of products and we would be happy to help you find exactly what you need for your project.


    what are recessed lighting housings2) Do You Need Cans for LED Recessed Lights?

    In most cases you do. The recess light is generally comprised of the housing (or can), which is the primary structure that holds the recessed lighting parts, and is hidden in the ceiling, as well as an LED module or trim. Keep in mind that recessed lights, downlights, or can lights, need to meet the National Electric Code (NEC).




    3) What Size of Recessed Lighting Should I Use?

    4" vs 6" Recessed Lighting4” and 6” are the most common. We have a blog that explains when and where to use these. However, we offer a wide range of sizes, from 2",3”, 4", 5” and 6”, with an abundance of options depending on the project design needs. We even offer fire rated housings for projects that require it, like multi-family projects (see #7 below).

    4) What Are My Canned Lighting Trim Options?

    There are so many to chose from! From the antique look, halogen and fluorescent, to the new LED recessed lighting modules. With thousands of options, we can get your project going right away. For a small fee, you can also spend time with our recessed lighting adviser - our in-house expert that will help you save time and money by finding you exactly what you need to start your project off right, and avoid shipping something that won't work. Money well spent.Recessed lighting options

    5) What is the Best Type of Recessed Lighting?

    The best type of recessed lighting is the one that will do the job for you. What do you expect from your lighting? Is it just decorative? It is a work area like a kitchen? Is it a design element that compliments the ceiling and architecture? How bright do you want it? What about color rendering? Is it for a restaurant, fast food, or retail store?  When you visit stores, homes or other places similar to your space, take note of how they look. What did they do right and what did they do wrong? The more information you can gather, the better the results.

    6) What is the Difference Between Can Lights, Pot Lights and Recessed Lights?

    There are many different terms for these lights, but there is no difference at all. Sometimes these lights will be referred to differently by region. For example, in Canada, the are commonly referred to as "pot lights." In other places you might hear "recessed ceiling lights" or "downlights."

    7) What are Fire Rated Recessed Lights?

    Fire rated recessed lightingThese are special housings that have certifications for garages, multi-family dwellings, and more. Your electrician and building inspector will know if you need fire righted lights and you should contact us before you order them. It has to be done right the first time, or you will have to pay to tear them all out.

    Good planning makes great results. We can help you find the correct product to meet your needs, and our products meet, or greatly exceed, standards anywhere in the USA. From California to Washington, and all the way to New York, we have all of the certifications and meet all state, city, designer and architects' requirements.

    8) Who are We?

    We just do lighting, and offer a unique, small website, run by a family that is dedicated to recessed lighting. Let us work with you to get your project shipped on time and in budget. Lets do the best we can to get it right the first time.

    We always recommend starting at this page to get things on the right track right away.!

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  • Landscape Lighting Tips from Industry Pros

    Photo of relaxing area outside of mansion at night - photo by Vision Green Landscape Photo of relaxing area outside of mansion at night - photo by Vision Green Landscape

    Without proper landscape lighting, an otherwise stunning home can be rendered dull once the sun goes down. An awe-inspiring landscape has properly positioned, precisely illuminated, strategically selected landscape lighting in all the right spaces to enhance aesthetic, mood, and safety. Thankfully, an experienced landscape lighting technician can make bring any landscape to life. We’re here to share some of their best tips with you.

    1. Choose the Right Light

    Every different mood, location, and object has a type of light that will work best. For instance, if you’re looking to highlight large bushes or trees, floodlights are an excellent choice. Low lights at the end of a pool, pointing away, can cast a warming glow across its surface when viewed from a window or back deck. For illuminating structures or walls, well lighting is an excellent choice.

    If you’re looking to have guests over on a warm night on a deck, patio, or porch, the optimal mood and guest experience come down to lighting. Accent lighting is an excellent choice for highlighting a patio’s features, while recessed deck lights can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

    Picture of beautiful residence with garden at night photo by Vision Green Landscape Picture of beautiful residence with garden at night - photo by Vision Green Landscape
    1. Direction Makes a Difference

    Should your lighting come from above or below? The two effects can create vastly different landscapes. Downlighting can be used to illuminate strategically selected trees throughout the yard. The light shines down like moonlight, dipping through the leaves, skirting the branches, and creating beautifully patterned shadows below. It can also be used to highlight walkways.

    Uplighting comes from the ground up to highlight a wall, garden feature, tree, or other large structure that you want to stick out from the rest of the landscape. This type of highlighting creates a powerful aesthetics for guests and neighbors.

    1. Placement Can Make or Break a Landscape

    If you place landscape lighting in the proper areas, you can significantly increase the property value of your home. In most cases, there are a few objects and spots of focus that require landscape lighting. If you frequently have guests, patios and decks should be well-lit. Gazebos, unique garden features like a fountain or magnificently-tall trees, should be highlighted.

    Illuminated garden by led lighting. backyard garden at night closeup photo - photo by Vision Green Landscape Illuminated garden by led lighting. backyard garden at night closeup photo - photo by Vision Green Landscape

    The location of your lighting also plays a role in crime deterrent and general safety. Burglars thrive on the dark corners of your property. Well-designed landscape lighting can keep your home from becoming a target. Pathways, doors, and porches should all be well-lit to protect yourself when coming home and to deter intruders.

    In addition to deterring intruders and increasing your property value, landscape lighting can prevent injury. Cast light on outdoor stairs, paths, and your driveway. You’ll keep both your family and guests safe throughout the night, and you’ll decrease the likelihood that a passerby injures themselves near your property.

    For outdoor landscape lighting experts in the North Carolina Charlotte area contact Vision Green Landscape.

    Vision Green Landscape
    1530 Queens Rd #503
    Charlotte, NC 28207

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  • Converting Fluorescent T8 or T12 to LED T8 Tubelight FAQ

    Convert Fluorescent to LED T8We have been retrofitting fluorescent fixtures to LED T8 since 2012. Not only have we seen almost every possible project type, we have done many ourselves. Here are some common questions we get asked and the simple answers that will help get your project going. Feel free to email us if you just want more information on how to use our products with your fixtures, and suggestions on how to get the most appealing results.

    1) Can I convert my fluorescent to LED?

    Convert Fluorescent to LED T8 Drop CeilingIn most cases your fluorescent fixture can be converted. We specialize in the 2’, 4’ and U-bend fixtures, as well as a fixture conversion kit for 8’ fluorescent fixtures that makes conversion quick and easy. By getting rid of the energy sucking fluorescent lamps and the old heat generating ballasts, you can increase your light output up to three times, while decreasing your wattage and energy consumption by half.

    2) Do you need a ballast with LED lights?

    fluorescent ballast removal LED T8 ConversionOur double ended LED replacement lamps do not need a ballast. Take a look at our video and you will see how we remove it, bypass it and stop the energy it wastes by being in that circuit. Double ended LED tubes are the industry standard and there is no need to change out the tombstones. We can also assist you if you want to keep your ballasts, but we do not recommend it. When your ballast fails all your lights will be out, and replacement fluorescent ballasts are getting harder and harder to find as new replacements.

    3) Will LED tubes work in fluorescent fixtures?

    Convert fluorescent t8 t12 tubelight to LED T8The LED replacements tubes work in almost any fixture. We can help you determine if the LED tubes will work in your fixture. Let us know how long your fixture is, if it has a lens, if it is open and where the fixture is. Send us a photo of the inside if you can. The more detail we get, the better recommendation we can make.

    4) How do you change a fluorescent light fixture to LED?

    Convert fluorescent to LED T8 VideosWe are so happy you asked! We have an extensive video set that deals with how to convert fluorescent lights to T8 LED tubes, step by step. 1, 2, 3, and 4 tube fixtures all can be done, and we have frosted and clear LED tubes. LED retrofits can be used most anywhere, a shop, warehouse, garage, basement, kitchen and more applications.

    5) Are LED tubes brighter than fluorescent?

    LED T8 tubes type bAbsolutely! If you have a T12 old fluorescent tube you can expect up to almost 3 times the light at less than half the energy. If you have a T8 lamp the results will be similar, depending on the age of the fluorescent lamp.

    6) Do LED tubes need starters or drivers?

    No, the driver is right inside the tube. A small circuit takes your standard current of 120 or 277v and converts it for the LED strip in the tube.

    7) Who can do the conversion for me?

    Convert fluorescent to LED T8 ElectricianBefore you start check out our super helpful one-stop-informatoin conversion tool. We recommend it as the best place to start with your project!

    You can also share our videos with your electrician, however we would be surprised if they are not familiar with the process. Tell them you want to use the double end feed method. The single end method takes longer, requires you to change some of the tombstones, and therefore costs more.

    We offer resources, videos, diagrams, and details to help your project come out just the way you want. We have assisted with thousands of projects and have refined our products and methods. We offer specialized, hands-on knowledge and experience that you won't find on other websites. We are a small, family business that cares about each and every project we have the honor of working on. Let us help with yours!

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  • Outdoor Lighting Magical in Summer & Winter

    Outdoor low voltage landscape lighting is not only magical in summer but also in winter. Our good friend HandyDadTV braved the cold and took these amazing photos below with the recent snowfall that transformed his backyard into a winter wonderland. The trees, shrubs and path take on a postcard like quality you can enjoy during the long dark days of winter. What could be more wonderful.

    Photos Courtesy of HandyDadTV


    It is easy to install low voltage LED lighting and HandydadTV made this great video you can see here of the same landscape lighting fixtures he sent photos of in the winter snow light up his yard in the summer.

    Outdoor Landscape Lighting Solar Light Outdoor Solar Light

    Unlike the solar lights from the big box stores that just can't handle the winter with their rechargeable batteries that only last an hour or two in the cold, and their cheap plastic that becomes very brittle and breaks in low temperatures, our fixtures shine brightly all night to the light way.

    Installing LED low voltage outdoor landscape lighting maybe a bit more challenging during the days when the temperature is below 55 degrees, as the ground can be hard from the colder temps, and making it more difficult to attach the connectors on the wire that becomes hard as a rock in the cold. It’s not impossible, but planning for a day where the temperatures are warmer would be a good start. Our large video library of installation notes, hacks, products and troubleshooting videos will make you an expert no matter the season. 

    HandDadTV Winter Outdoor landscape lighting Photo Courtesy of HandyDadTV

    Have snow that blankets your yard for months throughout the winter? Not a problem, our outdoor light fixtures just keep looking great no matter the season.

    If you live in the warmer states, now might be the best time to install your landscape lighting before it gets too hot to work outside. If you already have snow out there, now would be an opportune time to start planning your outdoor landscape lighting installation, get the materials you will need so on the first day of spring you can “spring” into action.
    So don’t let the winter scare you off. Turn it into an opportunity to explore, experiment and plan :)

    No matter the season, landscape lighting always makes your home more inviting, welcoming your guests all year long, with a little magic. 

    It is so easy to transform your yard into a magical place with our LED Outdoor kits, our stunning tree lights and our LED Christmas lights. Bring heightened visibility and creativity to your walkways, shrubs, trees and eves while increasing security and safety for your property.

    Check out our series of insightful videos and make yourself an expert.

    See our additional resources to help you make your yard magical!

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  • Avoid this #1 mistake when installing Track Lighting with this simple Hack

    Save yourself from a ton of frustration, wasted time and money when installing track lighting with this quick and easy to implement installation hack and get your project completed faster!


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    Track Lighting, Track Connectors & Track Parts used in this video

    Black Power Track 2-foot 4-foot 6-foot & 8-foot 2, 4, 6 & 8-foot Black Power Track
    White Power Track 2-foot 4-foot 6-foot & 8-foot 2, 4, 6 & 8-foot White Power Track
    Track lighting Architectural Black L Connector 3-wire H-style power feed single circuit TLSK108-ABK L-Connector
    WHITE basic LED track light H-style for PAR20, 30, 38 TLSK208-AWH Track Fixture
    Track lighting architectural white single circuit 3 wire H style track end cap TLSK106-AWH


    See our Track Lighting Suspension System7 Fast & Easy Steps to a complete track lighting system

    Build your own track lighting kit here.

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  • See Track Lighting Suspension Installed in Restaurant Buildout

    We posted this LED Track lighting suspended system in our gallery going into a nationwide chain of new restaurants. The owner was kind enough to take a break from a crazy project schedule to take some photos of the process thus far.  We thought it would be good for you to see what an all black track lighting system against a black ceiling of trusses looks like.

    GU10 MR16 BLACK mini round track light fixture head TLSK225-ABK

    Working with our design team, we had his store layout, detailed list of materials and quote all done the same day.  We shipped it the next day, on time and way under budget. Although the store is not finished at the time of these photos, it is easy to see the powerful performance of our little black GU10 MR16 2” track light fixtures using only 7watts each.

    We do projects like this every day and we always want it looking perfect. Thanks to the store owner for sharing his photos so others can see what it looks like.  We hope to get finished photos when he has time to give you the full look of the store.

    Feel free to click on each photo to enlarge it so you can get a much better look.

    Black Track Lighting Suspended from Black Architectural Ceiling Black Track Lighting Suspended from Black Architectural Ceiling

    Track Lighting & Track Suspension used in this Install

    GU10 MR16 BLACK mini round track light fixture head TLSK225-ABK
    4-foot Power Track Architectural Black 3-wire H-style single circuit TLSK4-ABK
    8-foot Power Track Architectural Black 3-wire H-style single circuit TLSK8-ABK
    Track lighting Architectural Black live end power feed connector 3-wire H-style single circuit TLSK101-ABK
    Track lighting Architectural Black straight connector mini joiner 3-wire H-style single circuit TLSK107-ABK
    Track lighting LED 7watt GU10 MR16 4000K 40° flood light bulb dimmable natural white LED-MR16GU10D-4000K-FL
    Track lighting suspension system Drop Ceiling Coupler CC-1420
    Track Lighting Suspension Cable Glider and Screw 15Z-832I-T2-H


    Suspension Track Lighting Cable 96 AG-16-87-96
    Track Suspension 14/3 SJTOW Black Power Cable 15AMPs 300volt by the foot up to 500ft 14/3-SJTOW-Black-105c
    Track lighting power feed black strain relief with lock nut for track lighting suspension system TLSK-Strain-Relief-LockNut-BK
    Suspended Track Lighting Cable Cutter TL-CUTTER-AS

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  • How Track Lighting can Increase Furniture Store Sales

    Furniture Store Designer Sofa Track Lighting Flowers Illuminated with track lighting

    Good lighting makes all the difference in retail. Using appropriate lighting will make the space more inviting, show off the product, highlight rich fabrics and bring out subtle colors. Additionally, good lighting always increases sales and reduces operating expenses.

    Lighting has improved dramatically for the better.

    A quick trip down memory lane recalls the fluorescent fixtures and the old PAR bulbs in almost every retail store. Then we upgraded to better fluorescent tubes. They lasted a little longer and gave better color rendering, so colors did look a little better.

    A few stores stayed with the same bulbs they used for lighting their warehouse. And they looked like a low-end warehouse inside—flat, colorless lighting and no depth to the displays at all. Works for some, but was not a good choice for store owners that wanted the best option for their retail space and know the value of lighting.

    Furniture Store Living Space Fluorescent Lighting Dull flat fluorescent lighting

    Next, the PAR and R bulbs gave out to Halogen PAR bulbs. Better and brighter, but still produced so much heat that your air conditioning system was running all winter long, and your electric meter was spinning away.

    Now we have more choices, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make things look absolutely amazing. If you are designing a new store, you can opt in for all LED fixtures, both for general light and for dramatic highlighting. If you have an existing space, you can convert your existing fluorescents to LED quickly, easily and inexpensively. Just think—better color, up to three times the light, and you will cut your electric bill in half. No need to run the air conditioner in the winter! If you are using halogen bulbs, you most likely started converting them to LED years ago, but the new generation of LED PAR bulbs are even better than before, with more improvements coming all the time. Just this week we received a new box of LED PAR bulbs for testing and they are the highest color rendering bulbs we have tested so far.

    Customers do not want to buy furniture in a store that looks like their living room.

    Furniture Store Living Space Fluorescent Lighting No shadows, no color, no depth

    People do not want to buy furniture in a store that looks like their living room. While it may be a comfortable space to sit on the couch and watch TV, a living room isn’t set up to display and highlight the features of the furniture. Many store owners use interior designers that understand color, accessories, placement and themes. Unfortunately, all too often the lighting is overlooked and poorly selected and set up. I visited a furniture store last week that had clearly spent a lot of money on their lighting. However, it was obvious that their floor-plan had changed and the lighting remained in its original setup. 50% of the light fixtures were lighting the floor, where there had once stood a beautiful piece of furniture. I have yet to find a furniture store that has trained their staff about lighting and who can properly light their store for the best possible sales results. But I am sure they area out there and would to hear from them and see their work.

    Engaging a lighting expert, like one of our experts at Total Lighting Supply, to properly light your store, will lead to the best possible sales results. Think of it this way—people that do Broadway shows always hire a lighting designer to make the stage look perfect. They do not hire costumers, set designers, color experts and the best performers, only to use an old fluorescent fixture to light the show.

    How much light is the correct amount of light?

    There is no specific formula for this, but ask yourself the following questions:

    Is the space inviting?

    Is it exciting and colorful?

    Are you drawn in?

    Do you want to see more?
    What is in the back of the store? Is it brighter back there?

    What is the highlight of the space; the “star” of the show?
    Do your customer say, “I want my room to look like that”?

    Is the lighting playing a part in the presentation, or is it just “there”?

    Does it look “rich”? Are the colors “popping”?

    Furniture Store Designer Master Bedroom Track lighting used to draw your eye back into the space

    Your displays should have light and shadow. This will give you depth in the display. Try putting a colorful flower display on the coffee table and hit it with a 5000K PAR spot track lighting fixture (about 7 watts LED at $4.25 or so), and watch your “vignette” come alive. We see a similar method used successfully in furniture stores when they put several bright colored pillows on a bed and use appropriate lighting to bring the bedroom furniture alive. It is important to know that a small selection of both spot and flood work great in any retail environment. Your sales will reflect this little bit of extra time you put into your lighting.

    General lighting makes the space feel open and inviting. However lighting only from overhead with a flat, down light fluorescent will not look good. How you light different areas of the store is important as well. We see many retail stores light the back of the store brighter than the front to draw their customers all the way into the store. Don’t let the back of the store look cheap, if you have overstock make it look great so it moves.

    Color Rendering

    Furniture Store Master Bedroom white bed More use of track lighting in a master bedroom display

    There is a ton of information out there on color rendering, but let’s touch on this a bit. You have probably heard the term “full spectrum,” but that is simply a meaningless advertising term. Color Rendering or CRI is an actual measurement. The higher the number the better your light source is at showing all the colors of the color chart. If you have a cheap fluorescent with a color rendering of 60% you have poor representation of colors in your displays. They will look muddy and dull. The higher the number the better, but there is also a point at which the high number is not cost effective. The difference between 95% and 100% CRI is hard to see and drives the price of the light source to almost triple of what you need to pay.

    Color Temperature

    Do not confuse color temperature with color rendering. They are separate and not related in any way. However, just like color rendering, color temperature can be measured. The lower numbered temperature, say 2700K, is a warm light, while the higher numbered temperature, like 4000K, is a whiter light. We like to use whiter light in modern settings with a lot of white and black, and even in kitchens. There is also the extreme 5000K, very white light, that is used in retail spaces like bridal salons (no one likes a yellow wedding dress).

    Should I use track lighting?

    Furniture Store Track Lighting Accented BedsTrack lighting was actually born on the Broadway stage. Retailers began using track lighting to duplicate that dramatic effect of the stage, control the beam of the light, the color, the shape, etc. They understood the versatility of being able to adjust, move and add or subtract light to make their stores look inviting and dramatic.

    Using stage lighting in a store is expensive, but you will see it in high-end stores with high ceilings, churches, performance venues, etc. The good news is that track lighting gives almost the same control as stage lighting at about 1/8 of the price. And it’s very easy to do! We do track lighting on projects all over the world, and we have a hanging system to hang from any ceiling, no matter the height or obstructions. It is surprisingly inexpensive to do it right.

    Choosing lighting for your store.

    Fluorescent Lighting used in Furniture Store Just think what a little dramatic lighting would do with this store ?

    Look at how your store is presented. Step back and take a good look at your merchandising and ask if better lighting could improve the presentation. If the answer is yes, we can help! Our chief designer has been lighting retail stores, galleries, restaurants and high-end homes for 38 years. His expertise is available to you too! We offer a variety of services from basic free advice to expert assistance for a reasonable charge, including having our Chief designer visit your store and train your crew. Even if you already know what you want, we can help you get there, do it on time and in budget.

    Thanks for reading! Check out our ongoing comments from our design time. We love a world with good lighting and appreciate when anyone strives to get it right. We would love to hear from you and see photos of your successes.

    Examples of Fluorescent Lighting compared with Track Lighting

    Notice the differences in highlights and shadows as well as color. Which one draws you in more?

    Furniture Store Two Chairs Before Sim BEFORE - Dull flat fluorescent lighting with poor color rendering
    Furniture Store Two Chairs After Sim AFTER - Deeper contrast, greater accents and better color rendering achieved with track lighting
    Furniture Store Red Bed Before BEFORE - Flat and poor color rendering with fluorescent lighting
    Furniture Store Red Bed After Sim AFTER - Track lighting can bring out subtle highlights & shadows with better color rendering light bulbs

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  • Most Popular Walkway Hat Path Light LED-S215 in the High Outdoor Landscape of the Colorado Mountains

    Illuminate the way with our LED hat path light, bringing safety, security and awe to your backyard, front yard or business landscape. Check out these elegant photos of our LED-S215 path light, making the magic high up in the Colorado Mountains. This is our most popular LED path light for LED low voltage outdoor landscape walkway lighting

    LED-S215-RU Walkway Hat Path LightLED-S215-RU Walkway Hat Path LightLED-S215-RU Walkway Hat Path LightLED-S215-RU Walkway Hat Path LightLED-S215-RU Walkway Hat Path LightLED-S215-RU Walkway Hat Path LightLED-S215-RU Walkway Hat Path Light

    LED Hat Walkway Lighting making the magic in these photos

    RUST LED outdoor landscape lighting hat path light warm white Most Popular LED-S215-RU
    Shown in Photos
    OUR MOST POPULAR LED black landscape lighting non-corrosive composite hooded spot light low voltage warm white LED-S215-BK
    LIGHT BRONZE LED outdoor landscape lighting hat path light warm white Most Popular LED-S215-BR
    VERDE GREEN LED outdoor landscape lighting hat path light warm white LED-S215-VG

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  • What you need to know about our LED EMCOD MLE Transformers / Drivers

    EMCOD MLE Tape Strip Light TransformerWe have been supplying transformers and drivers for LED tape and strip lights to professionals for years. The old standby has been the popular magnetic transformer in AC and DC in both 12volt and 24volt. We will say that the DC has been the most common about two to one. Professionals have been using these for years with great success and when using a magnetic approved dimmer have achieved some impressive results. We plan to keep stocking the magnetic for years.

    Now as technology changes the LED strip tape light manufacturers have been upping their game. And so have we. The new LED strip and tape light products are coming out with higher performance and the expected dimming on these must be smooth and complete, offering the best dimming curve possible. We have the transformer driver to meet these demands and we would love to work with you on your projects.

    Check out our full offering as we have a number of approved and tested dimmers from a number of manufactures that work perfect.

    Warm White LED Tape LightHere is what you need to know today:

    • Constant voltage output
    • Full range of available wattages
    • Compatible with Forward phase, Reverse phase, Triac, MLV, ELV Dimmers
    • Cooling by free air convection
    • Flicker-free dimming
    • Dry and damp location
    • cULus Listed, Class 2 on 96W per circuit and below
    • Power Factor of 0.95
    • Driver dims from 1%-100% on compatible controls.
      Tested Compatibel Dimmers
      Forward Phase
      • Lutron Skylark® C.L: SCL-153PR-WH**
      • Lutron Diva® C.L: DVCL-153PR-WH**
      • Lutron Diva® C.L: DVWCL-153PH-LA**
      • Lutron Skylark® Contour C.L: CTCL-153PDH-LA**
      • Lutron Toggler CL®: TGCL-153PR-WH**
      • Lutron Toggler CL®: TGCL-153PH-WH**
      • Lutron Skylark® Contour C.L: CT-600PR-IV
      • Lutron Skylark® Contour C.L: CT-600PR-WH
      • Red LED Tape LightLutron Diva®: DV-600PR-BL
      • Lutron Diva®: DV-600PR-WH
      • Lutron Toggler®: TG-600PR-LA
      • Lutron Toggler®: TG-600PR-IV
      • Lutron Toggler®: TG-600PR-WH
      • Lutron Toggler®: TG-10PR-WH
      • Lutron Skylark®: S-600PR-WH
      • Lutron Maestro®: MRF2-6ND-120-AL
      • Lutron Nova T*®: NTLV-600-277-WH
      • Lutron Nova T*®: NTF-10-277
      • Leviton True Touch™ : TTI06-1LZ
      • Leviton : 6602
      Reverse Phase
      • Lutron Maestro®: MSCELV-600M
      • Lutron Maestro®: MEF2-6ELV-WH
      • Leviton Renoir™ II: AWSMT-EAW
      • Leviton Renoir™ II: AWSMT-EAW (277V)
    • Driver is designed for use with forward phase, leading edge, MLV, Triac, reverse phase, trailing edge and ELV Dimmers.

    The tape light manufacturers rarely collaborate with anyone on their new product development so this transformer group was designed to work with older LED tape light styles and 99% of all the new LED High output tape light products. We always recommend to our professional Installers to bench test anytime a LED Tape product changes to insure it will work with the transformer and dimmer before you install in the clients home. This will insure compatibility and eliminate "call-backs". Always install with approved methods and NEC standards to avoid non-passive failure.

    EMCOD MLE led drivers transformersWe are thrilled with the quality and reliability of these EMCOD transformers and drivers. The constant voltage output flicker rate of the MLE series is 400Hz-500Hz, providing a much better quality light output compared to the older magnetic LED hybrid driver that provides a flicker rate of about 50Hz-to 100Hz. The improved dimming quality and wide range of dimming compatibility solves a multitude of issues with older dimmable driver technology currently on the market. The housing of the MLE was designed to be as compact and slim as possible without hindering the ease of installation. See the specifications on this product as well as the factory wiring page included below with each of our drivers.

    The MLE transformer is the go-to transformer for our professionals that insist on the best product that gets the job done without issues and drama.
    Affordable, stable, reliable and repeatable makes this our #1 choice for LED tape and strip light transformers.

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