Where do I put my LED Outdoor Low Voltage Landscape Lights?

This is a question we get a lot, "Where do I put my LED Outdoor Low Voltage Landscape Lights?". In this video we provide a detailed answer that works for everyone. Watch and discover how easy it is to put your outdoor landscape lights just where you want!


Products in the video:


📦 LED Spot Light LED-FG1021

📦 LED Hat Path Light LED-S215

📦 LED 3-Tier Pagoda Light LED-2030

📦 LED Flower Path Light LED-S220

📦 LED Well Up Light LED-FG5010-BK

📦 LED Flood Light LED-6011-BK

📦 Digital Transformer PW1P-A4512-BK

📦 Prosumer Transformer EPC100W


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