Two simple steps to designing a track lighting system

How to design track lightingHow to design track lighting - Two simple steps!

Follow our two steps below on how to design track lighting and help reduce confusion and frustration involved in the process. Plus, the more information you provide the faster our professional designers can prepare for you all the necessary track lighting components, light bulbs and an optimal track lighting layout. Give it a try today!

  1. Fill out our fast, easy and free form here
  2. Submit the form to our professional designers for free

Step 1 takes you to our online form asking you basic questions about what you envision for the design of your track lighting system. It is the first step in designing a track lighting system and allows our designers to quickly follow up with you about any questions they may have.

Step 2 is probably the most simplest of all steps. Once you have all the information you can possibly think of for the design of your new track lighting system you simply click the submit button and our professional designers are notified. Please be patient during this time as this is a free service that can take up to 5 business days.

Your information is then assigned to one of our track lighting designers who will be in contact with you and provide you a complete list of track lighting components and quantities such as the power track, track lighting fixture heads, power feeds, track connectors and light bulbs. If for any reason you have any questions along the way with designing your track lighting system, our free service doesn't stop there. Our track lighting designers are available to answer your questions to help insure a successful track lighting system you can enjoy long into the future.

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