Beautiful Satin Track Lighting with Rectangle Layout - Includes Project Product List!

living-room-satin-squareRecently, a customer of ours installed our satin track lighting system in their living space and we wanted to share the results with you!

In the image below, you can see they utilized a continuous rectangle layout to both match the aesthetics of the space while meeting the flexibility of their their lighting requirements.

The TLSK272-SN light fixture chosen for this project combined with the LED 3000K Philips Par 20 light bulb brings a warm white light, creating a peaceful but well lit atmosphere perfect for a multitude of activities.

To achieve the geometrically inspired layout elegantly spanning the ceiling, the tracking lighting system utilized a few of our premium satin track lighting components. The TLSK108-SN L-connector, seen at each corner, was used to create the 90° angles to join the 4ft TLSK4-SN and 6ft TLSK6-SN power track sides together. The TLSK107-SN straight connector mini-joiner, shown in the middle of each side of the rectangle, connected both the 4ft and 6ft power tracks together completing the sides of the rectangle.

The electrical power was brought into the track lighting system through the TLSK108-SN L-connector that not only functions as a mechanical and electrical connection for the power track but also as a power feed to supply power to the satin track system.

You can find a list of all the products used either to the left of this text if you are using a desktop computer or below this text when you tap the heading below.

Also we have conveniently included links to the products used in this system as follows:


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