Now-A Showcase Light that Won't Give You Meltdowns!!

led showcase light Lighting Chocolate in a showcase

Now, you can get an energy efficient showcase lighting that will not melt chocolate. Really? Really. This LED light fixture is ideal for many applications-it is perfect for all around showcase lighting needs and better still for those glass display cases that are difficult and limited in space.

Remember that saying, 'dynamite comes in small packages"? This fixture has a slim, low profile (it is SMALL!) and has a high output.

LED under cabinet showcase lighting LED showcase lighting: slim profile

Here are some of the product details provided by the manufacturer:

According to recent studies LED lighting consumes about 75% less energy than incandescent lighting and lasts much longer than incandescent and longer than fluorescent lighting.

The LEDs used in the LED under cabinet strip are rated to last an average of 50,000 hours. By comparison, incandescent lamps are rated for about 2,000 hours and fluorescent lamps are rated for around 20,000 hours. 24-hour operation for 6 years will require incandescent lamps to be replaced 13 times.

Fluorescent lamps will have been replaced once while the LED under cabinet strip will continue to operate for 5 additional years.


LED applications and uses continue to grow. At first, LEDs were used in direct view applications, such as traffic lights and billboard signs. Today, LEDs are used to light coves and accent pathways.

Product Features:

  • Maximized performance, specification grade, LED strip in custom anodized housing
  • Available in pre-cut sections allowing field assembly to every 6 inches ½', 1', 2', 3' and 4'
  • Standard Engineered to eliminate 'dark zones'
  • 3,000 K warm white, standard CRI = 80
  • VWF - Very Wide Flood. Distribution of 120°
  • Chip spacing - 1" on center
  • Uses 24v AC/DC input
  • Dimmable on standard Lutron dimmers
  • 48' max run length Life rated at 50,000 hours
  • Built-in circuitry protects against short circuits.
  • No UV, No IR, No mercury, No lead, No PCBs, No Asbestos
specular light Jewelry lit by the LED showcase light fixture

The LED showcase light fixture produces a wonderful specular light which makes it ideal for lighting jewelry as you can see by the image above. That sparkle was produced by the light fixture alone-no gimmicky filters or post production things were done to the image (in fact, this image has not been edited at all-it is truly a what you see is what you get kind of thing).

Talk about a sweet spot, this fixture is energy efficient, comes in different lengths, color temperatures, produces virtually no heat and lights your display case in a way that you were never able to achieve before.



We've provided a video here so that you can see for yourself how simple and easy this is:

The fixture is attached to the glass with two small strips of double stick mounting tape.

The team here at Total Lighting Supply are on a mission to demystify lighting aspects one bulb, one fixture at a time. We hope that we also presented you with some appealing options by way of this exciting product. Be sure to visit our You Tube Channel to find out even more ways to demystify lighting.

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